Competition Rules


The Owl’s Nest Woodcarvers
in conjunction with

The Grand Valley Woodcarvers

are pleased to present the 8th annual

Wood Art in the Cities

Carving  Competition 2019
March,  15,16 and 17  2019
RIM Park, Manulife Financial Sportsplex Waterloo, Ont (Forbes Room)
2001 University Ave. E, Waterloo N2K 4K4

Look us up at:
* Show Hours
Friday, Mar 15 – Noon to 5 pm
Saturday Mar 16 – 10 am to 5 pm
Sunday Mar 17 – 10 am to 4 pm

Map to RIM Park
1)  Submissions must be made of WOOD. (Carvings may be painted or unpainted.)
2)  Pyrography pieces may contain some colour but should not be used to such a degree as to obscure the pyrography itself. Translucent colour in which the pyro work shows clearly through may be used. Any opaque colouring can be used sparingly in conjunction with the pyro piece….but shall not be used to cover up the main body of work.
Eligibility of proposed submissions shall be at the discretion of the show committee at the time of submission.
(For advance inquiries, a picture of your proposed submission may be submitted via email  to
3)  All carvings or pyrographic works must be hand produced by the  entrant.
4)  All submissions must have been completed within the 12 month period preceding the competition.
5)  Up to two items may be submitted into each category BUT ALL ENTRIES MUST BE SUBMITTED  UNDER  ONE  SKILL  LEVEL   ONLY.*
*with the exception of pyrography, which may be entered into under a separate skill level.
6)  The entry fee shall be $10.00 for the first entry & $5.00 for each additional entry.
7)  Each competitor will be issued one complimentary pass to the show.
8)  Advance registration is recommended & can be mailed to the address provided.
9)  All submissions must be hand delivered to:RIM Park, Forbes Room

Fri, Mar 15 …..…..… 9:00 am – 7:00  pm
Sat, Mar 16 ………… 7:30 am – 9:30 am
Judging begins  Saturday  at  10 am!

Note: Although entries are happily accepted within the time frames above, we strongly urge you to submit your entries prior to noon on Friday when the show officially opens in order for the full viewing public to see your works.
10) No entries will be accepted once the judging has begun. The decision of the judges is final, and is at their discretion. Some prizes may not necessarily be awarded if the judges feel they are unwarranted.
11) Prize pickup – All monetary awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners can be picked up at the Owl’s Nest Awards Table after 1:30 pm, Sun. Mar.17.
12) Award distribution will commence at approx 3:00 pm Sun, Mar 17. All entries may be picked up following the awards presentations between 4:00 and 4:30 pm. Note that cleanup will commence promptly at 4:30 so please ensure that you respect the pickup times.
Ribbons and cash awards not picked up by the end of show shall be forfeited.
13) The committee reserves the right to reassign any carving into an alternate category if it is deemed more appropriate for the submission or should the number of submissions in any given category not be a sufficient amount to warrant the inclusion of that category.


The following prizes will be awarded in all levels of all categories.
1st……....$20 & Red Ribbon
2nd……...$15 & Blue Ribbon
3rd……....$10 & Yellow Ribbon
Honorary Mention Ribbons awarded as per judges’ discretion

Best of Level

Novice ………….. $50 Lee Valley Gift Card & Ribbon
Intermediate....... $50 Lee Valley Gift Card & Ribbon
Open ……………. $50 Lee Valley Gift Card & Ribbon
Single………….... $50 Lee Valley Gift Card & Ribbon

Second Best of Level

Novice ………….. $25 Chipping Away Gift Card
Intermediate....... $25 Chipping Away Gift Card
Open ……………. $25 Chipping Away Gift Card
Single …………... $25 Chipping Away Gift Card

Best of Show ..................$25 Lee Valley Gift Card & $25 cash & Ribbon


There will be 11 categories in the competition. The first 6 categories are divided into skill levels. The remaining 6 will be judged as a Single Skill level.

Categories with Three Skill Level

1)  Carving in the Round - Human:    Any human figure(s) carved in the round.
2)  Carving in the Round - Animal: Any animal figure(s) carved in the round. (Including fur bearing aquatic.)
3 Carving in the Round - Other: Any carving in the round that does not fall into the above 2 categories or single level categories.
4)  Relief Carving:    Any subject carved in a high or low relief method.
5) Caricature : A carving which exaggerates or distorts some characteristic of a person or thing, usually in an amusing manner.
6) Pyrography:     Burned designs or pictures on wood only.

Single Skill Level Categories*

7) Chip Carving: Carvings in which knives are used to remove wood from a surface in a single “chip”.
8) Cane:  A carving on the handle or the body of a cane, walking stick or stave.
9) Fish & Aquatic Animals: Any carved fish(es) and/or water related animals (excluding fur bearing),  amphibians, reptiles, etc.
10) Bark Carving: Any subject carved in tree bark.
11) I nterpretive: Any subject carved in an abstract or stylized manner.

* NOTE: A Best of Single Level shall be chosen from the 5 first place winners of the Single Levels & that winner shall be eligible for the Best of Show award.
Additional Note: Should you require a stand for your entry, please note that we do not supply stands. Therefore,  you will have to supply your own 
Mail Cheque and entry form to:

Owl’s Nest Carving Competition c/o   Barb Kaminski
33 Arthur Rd, Heidelberg, Ont, N0B 2M1 Email: 


There will be 5 skill levels as listed below. To ensure that you are placed in the correct level, please read the requirements carefully.

1)  JUNIOR: Carvers 12 yrs old and under.

2) YOUTH : Carvers 13 - 17 yrs old.

NOTE: There is no entry fee charged for Junior & Youth levels. Any style carving and/or pyrography subject can be entered, including birds. Each of these two levels will be judged independently of all other skill levels.

3) NOVICE : A carver who has never previously received a First Place Ribbon in our Competition.
4) INTERMEDIATE : A carver who has won 1 First Place Ribbons in our competition’s Novice Level, First Single Level or a Best of Class in our Competition’s Novice Level.

5) OPEN: A carver who has won 3 First Place Ribbons in our competition’s Intermediate Level or  a Best of Class in our Competition’s Intermediate Level.
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